Education Systems in 48 Countries Sadly on The Verge of Collapse

Koh Tao International Primary Closed Due To Covid

A recent Save The Children analysis has revealed hundreds of millions of children live where education systems are near to collapse. The international children’s charity is pointing to problems including:

  • Lack of access to Covid-19 vaccinations
  • Displacement
  • Climate change
  • Attacks on schools
  • Lack of access to digital connectivity jepordising access to learning opportunities

The charity has also pointed out that prior to the Covid-19 pandemic there were already 258 million children out of school. We now live in a world where 90% of learners have had a completely disrupted education and in some cases it has been going on for nearly 2 years. 

"At the peak of the pandemic, 45 countries in the Europe and Central Asia region closed their schools, affecting 185 million students. Given the abruptness of the situation, teachers and administrations were unprepared for this transition and were forced to build emergency remote learning systems almost immediately."

World Bank- Robin Donnelly, Harry A. Patrinos, James Gresham Tweet
Impact of Covid on Education

RTL Foundation Experienced The Negative Impact of Covid on Education Firsthand

Unfortunately, the Right To Learn Foundation has seen first hand the toll that this pandemic has had on rural areas in developing countries. The closure of our Koh Tao International Primary School project in Thailand saw 70 children lose their education due to lack of funding. Prior to the closure, the school had struggled to keep students learning online during government closures due to language barriers with parents, lack of access to technology at home and some children were just not experienced enough online to benefit from the classes.  

WHat will Happen to children in poverty?

What Does Loss of Education Mean For Children Living In Poverty?

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that there is a strong connection between lower test scores and lower future employment rates, but this is just one of the many outcomes expected for impoverished children.  Other concerns include:

  • Increase in inequality, particularly in families where parents have less education.
  • Less years of study are associated with lower pay rates and earning abilities in later life.
  • Learning loss is predicted to impact higher learning opportunities for students.

The outcome of these setbacks on students, living in under resourced rural communities of Thailand, could be tragic. Those children that were already at a disadvantage could be facing a long hard life of poverty like their parents and those before them. 

Right To Learn Foundation is desperate to get the Koh Tao School Project up and running to get children back into school. At the moment we are looking at the very basic funding of approximately USD$9,200 (300,000thb) per month for running costs. This is the cost of staff, food, rent and utilities for 70-100 students each month. 

Our organisation is committed to getting the children of KTP back into school and learning at an international level. Most of our Myanmar migrant students are going to suffer longterm from the closure unless we do something today. Your spare change can create big change, please donate today if you can.