Breaking The Poverty Cycle Through Education One Child at a Time

Right to Learn Foundation is Southern Thailand’s first licensed charity. With your help, we can build quality schools, provide better learning resources and supply integral student and teacher education programs for existing schools. Most importantly, we can relieve students and their families from the burden of poverty holding generations of children back from learning.

Thailand Children's Charity

Mission Statement

“We are a non-profit organisation bringing education and poverty relief to children and families in developing countries.”

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In The Beginning

In 2014, Australian born Claire Wyndham lived in a house that backed onto a small Myanmar migrant village on an island in the Southern Gulf of Thailand called Koh Tao. Having children of her own, Claire was determined to see the cycle of poverty broken in the villages. On her own dime, she purchased an international curriculum and hired a teacher to create a non-profit school on a balcony that would grow to 70+ students and three buildings over the coming six years. 

An Equal, Inclusive and Quality Education For All

During those years, Claire and the teachers witnessed poverty-stricken children respond to the inclusive and multicultural environment. Thai, Burmese, European, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, American and Australian children of all ages, from all backgrounds. With or without English they were learning and thriving side by side.

Public Support and Student Sponsorships

The majority of the students were Burmese living in make-shift shacks from impoverished homes and challenging backgrounds. Within a year of school, most students could speak fluent English and follow the international curriculum confidently. This school was becoming a blueprint that could be replicated in developing countries worldwide.


In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic made its way around the world, including Thailand. Unfortunately, in March 2021, before the school had raised enough money to own land and its own buildings, it had to close due to lack of funding.

A Foundation is Born

In April 2021, the Thai Foundation License Claire had applied for two years earlier, was finally approved, and the Right to Learn Foundation was born. Its first project is to get funding to build the Koh Tao International Primary School, which will be the blueprint of many schools to come.

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If you or your company would like to help RTL build its first school, please contact us today!

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