Breaking The Poverty Cycle Through Education One Child at a Time

Right to Learn Foundation is Southern Thailand’s first licensed charity. With your help, we can build quality schools, provide better learning resources and supply integral student and teacher education programs for existing schools. Most importantly, we can relieve students and their families from the burden of poverty holding generations of children back from learning.


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Our Work

An estimate of 9.7 million people were expected to be living below the poverty line in Thailand by 2020.

Despite increasing student attendance numbers, the standard of education in Thailand is suffering. So keen to learn, Thai classrooms overflow with up to 55 students to a class. UNESCO found in its 2017-18 Global Education Monitoring Report, access to a basic standard of education is limited in Thailand.


Put Your Hands up For Education

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, how much you give or how young you are! Everyone can play their part in breaking the poverty cycle.


We Educate For Impact

With your help, we can build schools that focus on the standard of education for children in poverty, implement teacher training programs within Government schools and improve conditions children are learning and living in.

6 Years

Educating impoverished children in Thailand

6 Years

Providing nutritious school meals for children in need.

6 Years

Experimenting with curriculums and teaching techniques for poverty stricken students that had no opportunities.

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