You Can Campaign Podcast Donate Help to Right To Learn

Starting a campaign is easy.

Step 1

Make the decision to help improve the lives of children through education

Sometimes problems appear so big that you cannot imagine how your small contribution could make a difference. Think about all the people you have on your social media. What would happen if everyone donated just $2 towards your campaign? $2 can become $100 very quickly. We all have the influence and the resources to make a HUGE difference!

Step 2

A few clicks and you are done!

Decide on a name. Choose a picture and start raising money! It only takes 1 minute to setup.

Step 3

Watch as your donation goes directly to the cause

Once your campaign is finished you will receive an email from us with proof of receipt of your donation. Your donors will be able to see your campaign on our website and see the final amount raised.

You can then follow our social media to see regular videos, pictures and updates about where money is being used and the impact it is having!

You can do anything to raise money.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas!

Car Wash

Get some friends together and hold a car wash in a public location!

Virtual Cocktail Party

Hold a cocktail party online

Virtual Concert

If you are a music artist, why not raise money for a good cause doing what you love!

Online Gaming Competition

If you are into gaming this is a fun way to raise money.

Dare Devil Fundraiser Challenge

Get your donors to purchase from a list of creative dares and promise to record your challenges!


Shave For Charity

If you have a mop of hair and feel ready for a radical change, why not raise some money while doing it?!


What will you do for a child's education?

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