Students That Will Learn for Life

The Right To Learn Foundation doesn’t want to raise money for basic schooling. Instead, we want to use your donations to provide excellent schools in rural areas to create great life-learners. 

Over six years ago, our founder, Claire Wyndham, began a school that would become RTL’s blueprint for future schools. Unfortunately, the Koh Tao International Primary School was closed temporarily in April 2021 due to Covid-19 and lack of funding. However, our organisation has made its re-opening and finalisation a priority.

Once the school on Koh Tao is finished, RTL plans to replicate it in areas of need all over Thailand and other parts of the world.

What Makes Our School Model Unique to Other Charity Schools in Developing Countries? 

We believe to create a successful learning experience for children in need, the school must take part in supporting the community as a whole.

This charity takes into consideration the challenges that student’s living in poverty face.  Challenges that will prevent them from learning or slow its process. We are not a wealthy and large charity, however we have always managed to fund the medical, nutritional and psychological needs of our students and their families. Our school buildings, no matter how small or large have air conditioning to keep children comfortable, appropriate school furniture for children to sit and focus on, lighting and plenty of toys and educational resources. Our students get to leave poverty behind them while they are at school. If they have a medical issue teachers will have them seen to during school hours, children know they will have food, water and even mosquito spray if they have none. School is a safe place where everything is consistent and reliable. 

Right to Learn Foundation Founder, Claire Wyndham, can be heard discussing how unique our school model is below: